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One of UConn School of Nursing’s strategic goals is to foster innovative thinking patterns and behaviors across our academic programs. By educating and exposing our nursing students, faculty, alumni and partners to innovative thinking patterns and behaviors, we are supporting the call to action established by the American Nurses Association’s strategic plan. Through the curriculum and available experiences, educational opportunities and events, the SON aims to serve the growing need for a new generation of healthcare innovators and a culture that supports a thriving environment that welcomes positive and necessary change.

In the last 5.5 years, the SON has received approximately $490,000 in funding through several internal UConn grants, an external VentureWell grant, and a significant donation for a designated faculty member to foster innovation.

About the Program

The Healthcare Innovations Program was launched in September 2013 at the University of Connecticut School of Nursing to empower and teach our new generation of nurses to be innovators and change agents in the healthcare arena.

It is now in its fifth year and the concepts of innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship have been integrated into select courses in the freshman, junior and senior School of Nursing curriculum. Additional integration and development of the innovation curriculum is required to expand the opportunity for our next and current generation nurses to be change agents early and throughout their careers in the broad healthcare delivery system resulting in critical and important improvements to the delivery of healthcare globally.

The current School of Nursing Healthcare Innovation Program is a two semester Independent Study for credit. It currently has 6 E-Teams (Entrepreneurial) working on healthcare problems and solutions as a collaborative effort between the School of Nursing, The School of Engineering (BME and MEM and Mechanical), The School of Business and the Department of Chemistry students.  One of these teams has filed a provisional patent on their work. School of Nursing students participating represent freshmen, sophomore, juniors, and seniors.

The Healthcare Innovations Program was featured in UConn Today as part of coverage of the university's first annual Werth Innovations Expo on October 29, 2018!

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