Healthcare Innovation Programs and Opportunities

Healthcare Innovation Idea Submissions (UConn Students & Faculty)

At the UConn School of Nursing, we are fortunate to have the infrastructure and ecosystem to support new ideas for positive change in the healthcare field. While innovation is often thought to start with the idea, the idea must come from an existing problem. Our Healthcare Innovation Department encourages students, faculty, alumni and partners to submit their innovative ideas to explore the possible.

If you have an idea for how to solve an existing healthcare problem, consider completing this form.  Our Healthcare Innovation Faculty will review and then be in touch with you. (will want to provide a link to questions – see Appendix A )


Healthcare Innovation Idea Independent Study Program (UConn BSN Students)

The Healthcare Innovation Independent Study is a 2-semester credit elective program for undergraduate nursing students in the UConn SON. Enrolled students will work with healthcare innovators to advance their entrepreneurial ideas and projects. Students enrolled in the program will have hands on experience to further develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes toward innovation ideation and creation in healthcare.


Partnership for Innovation Education (P.I.E.) and Technology Incubation Program Summer Internship Opportunities

UConn SON undergraduate nursing students have the potential to apply for a summer internship through the Partnership for Innovation Education (P.I.E) or Technology Incubation Fellows Program (TIP). These 10-week summer immersions are paid internship programs.


The Partnership for Innovation and Education (PIE) program

Paid 10-week summer research fellowships for undergraduate and masters students in bioscience, health and bioengineer inter-related areas.  Students work on a research project with a faculty mentor. The program includes weekly seminars and features a final research symposium where every student gets to present their research as a poster or short talk.  For more information and to apply, see the PIE program website.


The Technology Commercialization Services Programs

Pairs students with on-campus UConn Affiliated startup companies for mentored research internships/fellowships in Business or STEM areas. TCS Programs currently include TIP Summer Fellowship, MBA Venture Development Fellowship and TCS Fellowship/Internships. For more information, visit Technology Commercialization Services' students webpage.


Advancing from Innovation toward Entrepreneurship in Healthcare: An Immersion in Essentials (Open to All)

The aim of this two-day innovation and entrepreneurship immersion program (IEIP) is to prepare health care innovators with topical lectures that address essential knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to move an early innovation (or idea) toward entrepreneurship (e.g., business creation).

Up to 20 participants will be able to attend this inaugural innovation and entrepreneurship Bootcamp experience that will jump start one’s knowledge and/or progress needed to move to the next step.

During this two-day event, participants will hear from expert faculty from UConn’s campus and ecosystem partners. For more information or to submit your interest, please email: or We anticipate the event occurring in September 2019 with dates to be finalizing in the coming weeks.


For more information about our focus on healthcare innovation, please contact or We will continue to update the website as additional programs and opportunities become available for prospective students, faculty, alumni and collaborative partners.